About Us

About Us

Nokturnal Designs started in 2012 as a backyard idea for a family racing team.  We wanted custom racing kits for ourselves but weren’t happy with the quality we were finding.  So, with a Bachelor of Design and 40+ years of track experience between us, we decided to start creating our own.   This quickly lead to the purchase of, not one, but two large format printers and a cold press laminator which frequently pumps out custom made kits to order.

Being GoKart enthusiasts ourselves, we understand what is needed from a kit; durable materials which lasts longer than the first bump and an eye-catching design that will make you stand out on the track.  We use the best material for our designs to ensure their longevity on the track, and being racers ourselves we know how expensive kits can be so we try and make our products as affordable as possible while still retaining the quality.  We want our customers to have the best kits available from local people who they sport and the people involved.

We use Motor Mark which is the best material available in Australia as our laminate and a high tack vinyl to compliment.  We print with a Roland Versa VS540 with solvent based ink which is heated into the base material for a more vibrant finish.  Our designs are always colour and size tested to ensure the best result and quality possible.

Payment and Shipping

We use Australia Post with your choice of regular or express shipping and payment is through PayPal.  Once payment has been received we will begin your order.  We endeavor to make this process as quick as possible for our customers, custom kits will take a little more time as we want to make sure you are completely happy with your design.